Learn to Play the African Drums / Djembe from a professional percussionist!

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Especially geared towards workshops for Schools with students from 5 y.o. and upwards.

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What people have been saying about Rich Rhythms:

“The children loved it. Richard arrived with more than 25 African drums, most of which he had made himself.  He brought some artefacts from Africa which he displayed in the school and really set the scene. He told the children about his experiences in Africa, how he had learned to drum and he was very inspiring...” - Rehana Juna - Headteacher,  Ellington Primary School, Maidenhead, Berkshire

“A natural communicator!” - Association of British Choral Directors delegate

“Richard Latham is...delightful...the synchronicity (of his Rich Rhythms performance group) continued until the very last beat...an incredible advert for acoustic music...” - Thanet Gazette

  The following are  comments from children at Larchfield  Nursery & Primary School, Maidenhead.., Berkshire

“Djembes are cool enough to be the best instrument in the world!”  - Billie-Jo

“I like playing djembes because it makes my hand vibrate.” - Masato.

“I loved djembe because I like drums, so thank you for teaching me.” - Kasey

“I loved playing the djembe because I felt like a real musical person.” - Zainab

“Curriculum enrichment personified!” - Rob Howe - Headteacher

You are so skilled at involving everyone in your workshops, irrespective of their ability.  It was lovely to see so many smiling faces too!” - Jo Campbell - Head of Section, Personal and Work Skills, Thanet College, Broadstairs, Kent

Absolutely brill was the response from staff and kids... if you want a reference let us know!” - Denise Parrett - Music Coordinator, Briary School, Greenhill, Herne Bay, Kent

“Richard’s enthusiasm and absolute commitment to learning and teaching is simply stunning.” - Debbie Townsend - Senior Advisor (Creativity and Music), Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Berkshire.

 The following  are comments from children at St Michael's CE Primary School, Sunninghill (and after school club)…

“I always look forward to Fridays because of drumming.  I like it because it's challenging.” - Joshua

 “I enjoyed it because I was with my friends and family.  When we got home we practised the new rhythms together.”

  - Joseph

 “I prefer it to art and that is my favourite subject. I have learnt rhythms and found out about Africa.” - Katharine

“Enjoy and achieve - African drumming has been a great success at St Michael's. It provides exciting whole class teaching, the opportunity to play an instrument from a different culture, and best of all we enjoy ourselves. The children concentrate, the sound is wonderful, and Richard has a lovely rapport with children, staff and parents.”

  - Val Woods - Headteacher

... takes some beating ...

African Girls’ band at Wamde, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso