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Richard Latham

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Burkina Faso is where Richard learned the skills of

professionally tuning and re-skinning djembes and

African drums.

Why not have your Drum Repaired for less
cost than a new one?

Good African Djembes can last a long time, but sooner
or later the day will come when they will need repair.

For a djembe drum to produce the sound it is so well known for, the excessive tension their skins and frame have to endure will eventually give reason for a re-skin and general repair. The skin may no longer resist the stress and as a consequence, will tear.

However, djembe players do not despair – help is at hand in the form of Rich Rhythms Ltd., who specialise in re-skinning and repairing of your beloved old drum.

By taking this route you will end up with a djembe as good as new and at far less cost than replacement with a new drum.

Rich Rhythms take pride in their ability to re-skin, re-tune and restore Djembes to their former glory.

Re-skinning can be achieved with thick or thin goat skin acquired from West Africa.

Djembes can be completely rebuilt from the old frame or shell upwards. Cracks and chips repaired,  new ropes, new rings, a new tuning rope and, of course, a re-head.

Don't buy a new drum, contact the Drum Doctor now.

Although based in the south-east, Richard’s client base extends throughout the United Kingdom and includes many other professional African drum and djembe players.

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