Learn to Play the African Drums / Djembe from a professional percussionist!

Book a performance/demonstration for that special occasion.

Workshops for Schools with students from

5 y.o. and upwards.

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Richard Latham

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07960 989246

African Drumming Workshops for Schools & Groups of all ages.

Our workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities.
Together we can plan a workshop that matches your budget and expectations.

People of all ages love banging on drums and making lots of noise. But we teach them how to play and create music together. Our educational drumming workshops are a fun and dynamic learning experience.

Workshops for Schools:

Djembe drumming workshops are fun, inclusive, and

suitable for all ages and abilities.
These drumming sessions have many benefits;

for example it encourages creativity, self expression

and rhythmic coordination.

Pupils taking part in our Djembe drumming workshops

do not need prior knowledge of drumming or special

musical skills. Everyone is given their own instrument and within minutes the class becomes an orchestra.

Watch and listen to this video recorded in Burkina by Richard. Some fantastic rhythms emmitting from a group of Djembe Drummers.

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Making music together and contributing your part is good for the soul.