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Richard Latham

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A drummer and percussionist since his early teens, Richard Latham has, over the past years, studied African Drumming techniques and further developed his professional skills by undergoing specialist djembe and sabar tuition in West Africa, in particular Gambia and Burkina Faso. As a result, not only has he gained first-hand knowledge of a vast array of authentic traditional rhythms played in these countries, but through his communicative strengths and raw enthusiasm is now established as a popular exponent of this style of drumming in a wide variety of educational situations, including all kinds of schools and colleges.


Richard’s African drumming workshops and courses are enthusiastically received by participants and organisers alike, and further sessions (clearly not obligatory) often follow the initial engagement by popular request. Up to 40 drums (djembes) are provided at each session (typically one hour in length) so that each member of even a large class in any establishment is fully involved in a meaningful introduction to this complex art form. In even a single one-off workshop led by Richard, students of any age and ability with no previous musical experience or recognised musical skill can gain a great deal, while at more advanced levels, established musicians and music students gain a deeper understanding of the practical workings of West African drumming ensembles.